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Babyscope - Some insights for babies born in 2012 - - Maggie Kerr  AAT


A few words about babies and Sun signs


The Sun sign describes the qualities and attributes we carry as potential which we grow into, rather than how we necessarily are when we are small.  A baby responds more from its Moon sign for the first 7 years, and these are the qualities of the Mother.  The Sun sign tells us of the Father qualities, and it is his ‘messages’ and behaviours that will condition the potential of your child as their Sun Sign. So what you read below offers you the chance to support your special new family member toward their adult potential.



CAPRICORN                  - Jan.1st to 20th + Dec 22nd to 30th

Little 2012 goats carry the strength and courage to play their part in shaping the world of the future. Their earthiness is accented with dynamic Mars in Virgo bestowing a love of order, precision and a highly practical nature. Your job is to help them not take things too seriously and minimise a tendency to be self critical and perfectionist. Another wonderful ingredient comes courtesy of bountiful Jupiter in Taurus, so self worth and things of value are important ingredients in their lives, along with a love of music and nature. So this little Cappie will love building structures and gardens and will be successful in business. They are adventurous and love travel as long as it is for a purpose, and may be quite competitive in sports of many kinds. Top this off with a generous nature and you have quite a special new member of your tribe.



AQUARIUS -                   Jan. 21st  to Feb. 19th

This sign is famous for their highly original ideas and eccentric qualities, as their destiny always involves daring to bring innovation and reform into our world. By the way Aquarius is not a water sign but rather delivers the ‘stream of consciousness’ or ideas, and this year’s baby ‘water carriers’ are arriving with an interesting dose of practical earthy features.  This endows their destiny to work in fields involving resources and money as pioneers or entrepreneurs.  You need to nurture a healthy sense of their self worth and instil value systems that align them with human and animal rights so they will have somewhere to project their goals. Bubs born Jan 21st to Feb 8th have Venus in Pisces so are sensitive, intuitive, artistic and spiritual in nature. Bubs born Feb 9th to 19th have Venus in Aries so are brave and independent and love challenges to motivate them.



PISCES -                  Feb 20th  to Mar 20th

The ruling planet for Pisces is Neptune and for the first time in 146 years he has just entered Pisces. This is huge news!! What it means is that 2012 fishy darlings are a whole new ‘pod’ of spiritual beings arriving at this time of global crisis to become part of the spiritual revolution set to unfold over the next few decades. Spiritual does not means religious but rather ‘we are all one’ and we are here to help and serve each other. You will notice a natural ability in your child to empathise and feel other people’s energy very early as they are highly intuitive. So helping them to have good boundaries and not exposing them to negative things and people is very important. The artistic temperament will be strong either visually or physically, along with a love of music and nature. Psychology will attract them and can be a potential career option.



ARIES -                                    Mar 21st  to Apr 19th

Rams are the pioneers of the Zodiac system so courage and bravery are inherent features of their nature along with a strong need for independence to ‘do their own thing’. So nurturing your little one requires encouraging these qualities at the same time as teaching them that softer feelings are important and caring about other people. The ruling planet is Mars and this year he is in Virgo so these kids will be more cautious and practical than is typical, and will love to be organised and to organise things and people as they mature. Precision is another feature here with outcomes that can involve engineering and construction, or in a completely different direction leans toward a love of health sciences, diet and hygiene. The final ingredient is a gentle mind and mouth…a dreamer! What an interesting little character has arrived at your house!!



TAURUS -                  Apr 20th    to May 20th

Every 12 years Jupiter brings his good fortune and luck to light up each sign and yes this year it is lucky Taurus!! So you will notice a buoyant and optimistic nature with a love of stretching boundaries and limits and a great need to seek pastures far from home. The primary features of Taurus are concerned with building and governing resources so there is a love of all things natural, beautiful and pleasurable. So when you add Jupiter’s tendency to do things to extreme, whichever of these traits are evident it will be in large doses! Potentially these are also the re-shapers and teachers of new financial and environmental systems for our planet in decades to come. There is also a very practical and highly organised trait that may result in a self critical feature, so of course it is important to help them relax and enjoy their creative efforts.



GEMINI -                  May 21st   to June 20th

Another rare 2012 feature was the Venus eclipse in Gemini as your little person arrived on the scene! So this rarity is set in their DNA as a remarkable ability to synthesise the duality of the left and right brain. What does this mean? Gemini rules the ‘mind’ and ability to use logic and reason (left brain)…hence their favourite question from as soon as they can speak will be ‘why’? And you better have a good answer!! But the other component of the mind is the mysterious intuitive feature that allows us to know things without knowing why (right brain)…intuition. The Venus eclipse opens the door for we humans to bring these 2 abilities together so we can get on with the next phase in human evolution! So nurture both these sides of your little twin person so they can become the little Avatars they are meant to be.



CANCER -                  June 21st to July 22nd

Cancer is the sign of love and nurture and all little crabs need a safe and stable home and family foundations. During these 2012 recession times there are few families that have not affected by the change and uncertainty of these times, so no matter how challenging it may become in your house remember that a loving family is the key to emotional safety for your child. Babies are stamped by the global times they arrive into and then carry these features into their adult potential. So what are the major features right now? Revolution, a whole new wave of technology and scientific progress, environmental solutions, and the beginning of a transformation for our planet. How exciting for you to be able to shape a little soul who will be such a powerful force for good in their lives! By the way you have a very social little chatterbox on your hands so get set for chatty times at the dinner table.



LEO                  -                  July 23rd to Aug 23rd

We have a particularly bright little group of lion cubs on offer this year who will love to learn and move around as soon as possible! So the inherent Leonine joy of creative expression will require you to give positive support to their quest for learning and sharing ideas and information. It’s important they feel heard and understood so they can shine, and needless to say their education is vital although not necessarily conventional.  They are natural mimics so if you want to teach them something then show them by acting out scripts and stories, as they are also natural actors. These are active kids so won’t enjoy sitting still for long; indeed gymnastics and adventure type sports are essential to use up their abundant energy.  An important ingredient in their makeup involves ‘people skills’ as they will be very social and in adult life may work in PR fields or social justice and legal areas.



VIRGO -                                    Aug 23rd to Sept 22nd

Virgos are the organisers of the zodiac, the people who create and maintain the ’systems’ we all need to run our lives and our planet. Our 2012 little ‘systems people’ have arrived with some pretty impressive
talents at their disposal, especially their bright and dynamic minds! You will notice two distinct features here and your job is to help them learn to balance their quick and versatile ‘mind and mouth’, with a much more careful and precise part of their nature. So one part of them may be highly critical and perfectionist and limit their fabulous ability to be spontaneous and adventurous. Get the idea? In fact their Dad may be a bit like this himself!  They will be great at making things with their hands, will need lots of stimulation and outings, and travel widely in their lives in pursuit of knowledge and purpose. And lastly these are deep and sensitive little beings who are destined to be very powerful.



LIBRA -                                    Sept 23rd to Oct 22nd

With lucky Jupiter in great connection with Libra this year the ‘lovely Libran’ crop of bubs will carry a sunny disposition and be more than delighted with people of all shapes and sizes. So here’s your best clue for adult outcomes, as their innate need to bring justice and fair outcomes for all may lead them into legal or diplomatic arenas. They will love ideas and sharing them…indeed bedtime and sleep may be the only way to shut them up! However, behind this outer persona is a powerful and highly original little being who will need lots of room to explore their uniqueness, and not be willing to bend to your will. This inventiveness is another clue for directing them into possible fields of architecture or design where they may create the buildings of the future that transform our world. So start saving for travels with your child full of adventures for all.



SCORPIO -                  Oct 23rd to Nov 21st

For the first time in 30 years our 2012 eagles have arrived with Saturn also in Scorpio, telling us that these are deep and powerful souls who have arrived for a very important reason. Saturn bestows a serious and hard working nature, a dry and quirky humour, and not much patience with people who don’t measure up to their high ideals of integrity and excellence. So get ready for being a very ‘good parent’ who measures up!! Be aware that in due course they will be very ambitious and need all the support you can give them to reach their fabulous potential. So what is this potential? To be the powerful people who will create and manage the global business systems in decades to come. Wow!! To balance this it’s great if you help them learn to laugh at themselves and not take life too seriously. PS…they are also very bright!



SAGITTARIUS -                  Nov 23rd to Dec 21st

Don’t plan on too much time off with this little critter around…oh boy have you got a little power packed mover and shaker just moved into your house! Movement, excitement, adventure and travel, both physically and mentally, are the features of this small soul and you’re all about to have so much fun. Saggies are the teachers of the Zodiac so need lots of ‘teaching’ and in this case a huge variety of topics, so they may realise their potential to ‘uplift the human condition’ with splendid knowledge that helps our world become a better place. They will also be sporty and need lots of outlets for their high octane energy. The only thing that may need support is their tendency to scatter in many different directions and have trouble focusing on ‘outcomes’. So help them learn patience and perseverance, their greatest test and lesson. It helps that they also carry a natural ambition to become successful.



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