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So what’s a Supermoon and does it affect us? – Maggie Kerr AAT


There is quite a buzz this week as we approach the “supermoon” forming up for March 19th 2011. Our beautiful Moon will appear 20% larger than usual, so make sure you look up and ‘tune in’ to enjoy this wonderful natural ‘show’ next weekend.


Astrologer Richard Noelle coined the term in the 1970s to describe our Moon’s closest position - or “perigee” to earth in a 19 year cycle. He believes this cycle correlates with nasty natural global catastrophes, and indeed when we look back to 1955, 1974 and 1992 - each of these years experienced extreme weather events. 


Whilst agreeing that the extra gravitational pull at these supermoons impacts our earth, Scientists seem to disagree with each other on whether this causes major earthquakes and volcanic activity. The Jodrell Bank Centre for Astrophysics at the University of Manchester says no conclusive evidence has ever been found, whilst Dr Victor Gostin, a Planetary and Environmental Geoscientist at Adelaide University,  says there may be a link between large-scale earthquakes in places around the equator and new and full moon situations.


One thing is for sure. 2011 has already brought us extreme flooding in Australia, a big chill in northern climes, earthquake in Christchurch and now major devastation in Japan with Nuclear implications. This is also a unique few months in this 19 year cycle because we actually have 3 Supermoons - 18th February, 19th March and 18th April. So we are about to experience the 2nd and most powerful with one more to go.


So are these supermoons responsible for recent calamities? Or are other forces at work…and perhaps all of the above? There are a number of other factors worthy of note.


  • There are major changes afoot to do with the earth’s magnetic field, which has been ‘shifting’ over recent years…and particularly during 2010 and 2011. This arises from earths ‘reception’ of our Sun’s magnetism as our Sun is passing the centre of our Milky Way Galaxy…which happens every 26,000 years! This is the Astronomy at work behind the 2012 hype…also building as 2011 progresses. Space does not permit more on this here so go to www.universalastrology.com.au 2011 Report for more info.


  • Then there is the bi-annual solar eclipse on January 4th 2011 at 13 degrees of Capricorn. This was also very powerful and significantly ‘connected’ with the horoscope of Japan. As the affect from eclipses lasts for 6 months until the next eclipse in June, during this first 6 months of 2011 our ‘earth’ is being influenced in a very literal fashion. You see Capricorn is the sign that rules both the psychical structures on earth...and the governmental and bureaucratic systems that run our planet.


  • Another major piece of news is the entrance of Uranus into the first sign of the Zodiac…Aries last Saturday 12th March. Thus begins his new 84 year cycle, and with his energy having everything to do with revolution and change we are heading into a 7 year period with the hallmarks of the late 1920s/early 1930s. Heady stuff! (More on this also in my 2011 Report).


So it is ‘all up’ on planet earth right now, and my call is that this is due to a combination of the cycles of these different ingredients in our solar system. The financial and environmental outcomes from the Japanese quake and tsunami will be massive, and coming as it does when global financial stress is already maxed out, it foreshadows the great challenges ahead on planet earth over the coming decade.


So how does this affect us as individuals?


Because our brain is also ‘magnetic’ and responds to vibrations arriving via the invisible ethers, our ‘emotional tides’ will be stretched over these 3 months. We all know that folks go a little ‘lunie tunes’ at full moons…hence the term lunatic. Tempers fray, accidents and stress in the community mean that hospitals and police are stretched to the max.


But there’s an upside here. When we go to the ancient alchemical teachings we learn the Sun is our egoic creative self, and the Moon our feeling and instinctive nature. So as they oppose each other at full moon we have a once a month opportunity to ‘unite’ the two primary components in our nature…conscious and unconscious.


New moon each month is literally the beginning of your creative process for the month ahead. Thus full moon is the time when you can release your results over the next 7 days till third quarter. Then over the final 7 days of each month the cycle completes and we prepare for the next 28 days.


So full moon is when our Soul self (Moon…unconscious) can link with our creative potential (Sun…conscious) and unite our ego with the light of the instinctive feeling nature. All very Zen I know, but it’s the way we are all meant to operate. Trouble is that most folks are caught up in their ‘lower emotional stuff’…fear and anger and so on… so ‘react’, rather than ‘respond’ in a conscious way to the marvellous workings of the cosmic forces that operate within and without of us.


So as you look up next weekend and marvel at the beauty of our feminine Soul Moon make sure you chill out… let go of both your own and the collective fear, confusion and anticipation…and still your mind. Then visualise the uniting of your intuition with your creative self so you can release your vision and your creativity over the next 2 weeks until next new moon…when you ‘seed’ the following month. Simple stuff my friends…and yet so very important and unknown to so many folks here on planet earth.


We are in the midst of an ‘evolutionary shift’ here on planet earth. You can contribute to this in a very positive way by releasing the past and all your old fears and worries and jumping on the bandwagon of progressive change…change that involves the birth of co-operation, and awareness of the implications of your actions.


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