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Uranus enters Aries June 2010 till May 2018 – Maggie Kerr AAT

…including readings for the 12 signs…



So how’s 2010 shaping up for you so far folks? I am sure by now it is abundantly clear that the world we have known is about to change…is already changing…the theme of change is alive in all our lives. So the question becomes “how can I not only survive but thrive in these changing times?” The answer is with great ease if you allow yourself to ride the wave in the most positive state of mind you can create!!


There are many great planetary forces all working together over the next few years to enable the ‘shift’ from the old world to our “brave new world” currently being born. The combination of cycles and their coincidence in the 2010s is truly remarkable, as a once in 26,000 year cycle is accompanied by Saturn, Uranus and Pluto dancing a dance not seen in hundreds of years. We are at a Renaissance point in human history. So our words for this decade are rebirth, revitalisation, revival, regeneration, awakening and new beginnings.


Every 84 years the planet responsible for revolution, innovation, scientific breakthroughs and collective evolutionary growth enters the first sign of the Zodiac…Aries. His name is Uranus and he brings sudden unexpected flashes of energy that light up the skies with creative solutions to advance our civilization. He births new phases in human development.


Thus the urge for change and forward motion is intense right now and the result of this is an uncomfortable impatience with the demands of daily life and the restrictive forces of the outer world playing out as the global financial crisis, environmental disasters et al. To respond to this urge we must ask ourselves “what do I really want anyway… how can I move into this new and uncertain future in a positive way and dare to re-birth myself into this “Brave New World?” Do I have what it takes?”


If the answer is no or not quite, then you may be trying to cling to old systems with a combination of fear and lack of belief in yourself that may be holding you back. Dare to dream and feed these dreams with ideas and information that ally with your talents and potential. Regardless of what difficulties the years ahead hold for us, we must still create a positive image for ourselves of our own lives…or what’s the point?


We are all Heroes!


The other quality we need to embrace is courage and confidence. In each of us is a “heroic” character we must connect with in a healthy way. Our “inner hero” is confident and able to take action and assert ourselves when we need to. He/she is emotionally safe enough to step out of the old and head toward the new believing all will be well. We need to have a ‘safe will’. To achieve this give yourself “Permission and be an individual who asserts myself cleanly to initialize and take action… I am brave and courageous and dare to live life fully.”


Be careful of defensiveness. If you do not have a ‘safe will’ you may still be living life unconsciously setting up conflict with others as your means for activating your ‘will’. So giving up the belief in right and wrong, good and bad and all forms of opposition is essential to enabling us to join with others in co-operation and mutual support. This is the potential also on offer over this next 2 years courtesy of Saturn in Libra…the sign of relationship. My in depth article on Saturn in Libra is also available at www.universalastrology.com.au  so have a read my friends.

Get real about any old anger you may still be carrying with you as it is blocking your forward motion. Anger and frustration arise when we feel our will is blocked or we are being controlled. If you are passive in your anger then this will be very evident right now also, as other people around you being angry…which means they usually trigger ours!! We may feel controlled and helpless because of the mismanagement of our corporate and government systems. We may feel frustrated that they are so inept. In other words it is not just about your personal relating and family areas.


Heroes Need To Be Emotionally Safe


When we operate from fear and insecurity we limit free will…hence the anger. To move past fear we need to feel we are safe. This is a state of mind based on a deep inner trust in ourselves. Thus all of us are challenged to clear and release old emotional patterns over the next 6 months so we can be ready for brave new directions over the next 7 years.


To support this, a pair of powerful eclipses in June/July this year triggered lots of old family patterns that may be keeping us stuck in unconscious emotional beliefs that no longer serve us. This involves generations of ancestral core patterning, so it is great to spend time with family over these months so you can see and become aware of “the stuff”, and make decisions about ways you can create new positive beliefs that lead to healthy outcomes. So ring, write or hit the e-waves with messages of forgiveness and reconciliation. It feels absolutely wonderful when we let go of old junk we no longer need…on every level.


You may feel quite assertive over these current months. You may no longer feel like pleasing or complying with other people’s expectations of you. You may be learning to say “no” in ways you have not been able to before. This is great as we are all challenged to get on with our own growth, which involves being quite definite in who and what you need around us from now on.


Step into you power my friends. This means we must feel our feelings and respond to them. If you need to take action about something do so! Our world is full of apathetic people who feel powerless. To change this we must each become powerful as individuals and have our say…have our voice. Join with like minded people and make a difference.


Remember…if we refuse to willingly allow change in our lives it will happen to us anyway. So saying “yes I am ready for exciting new developments in my life” also empowers us to invite the Wheel of Fortune to bring us positive change…a much better idea!


This new Uranus in Aries Cycle has just begun…


Uranus 84 year cycle creates 7 year periods in our lives where the theme of said period will be highlighted by new evolutionary growth. Aries phases are absolutely all about daring new directions and enterprise, pioneering in those wagons over the mountains to the fertile plains beyond. So over the next 7 years we will experience massive shifts courtesy of science and technology, which is why we all need to get out our pioneering spirit.


He only just begun this process a few months ago...in June to be exact. So don’t worry you have not missed the evolutionary boat! Right now there is a definite sense of fresh potential as the writing is so obviously on the wall that our old governance systems are corrupt, and because of this unable to create new solutions to our huge global problems.


Over these months you may feel like a door is open, you have put your head through it, and as you look around you sense but can’t quite see what’s in the new space yet. So this is just fine as from mid August he steps back into Pisces until March 2011. All planets go backwards or retrograde each year, and as Uranus changes signs there is a forward, backwards, forward motion over nearly a year. This is how growth actually works as it allows us to get used to the idea! It also means we can go back and finalise the preparation for the new cycle that truly begins from March next year.


So between August and March 2010 make sure you deal with anything that needs to go, be that people, places, situations, and your own emotional baggage. Pisces offers us inspiration and the use of our intuitive and imaginative gifts so use them to ‘dream up’ your new reality. We must have a vision to project our thoughts and visualisation toward, so give yourself permission “to have clear insight and vision”. Between August and March 2010 we are pregnant with our new life as we release the past cycle…in this case 84 years!


Uranus leaves Aries in May 2018. By then we will have been through huge changes that will plant the seed for re-shaping our future world. Crisis is a hallmark of change, so as you both witness and experience our world in crisis and your own personal issues have faith in the greater process at work. Be brave and daring with your ideas and inventions. We are all innovative…it is inherent in we humans to progress. To do this from here we must re-frame our whole idea of progress. How can we achieve progress without growth…this is the question.


Our world is overpopulated and undernourished so development as we have known it has to become a thing of the past. Sustainable progress is the only possible solution. To achieve this our leaders must reign in big business and regulate financial systems with radical changes. All this will come to pass over the next 7 years. You can become part of this process.


So What Happened Last Time Uranus was in Aries 84 years ago?


This was between 1927 and 1935…a pivotal period in 20th Century history…the big wake up call after the height of the Roaring 20s when personal and material excess was the name of the game. October 1928 saw the top of the stock market and the plunge into depression that ultimately led to the greatest economic reforms in history. So this time again we have depression with the necessity for massive economic reforms. This is why Astrology is so relevant, as the study of past cycles helps us make sense of what may happen this time.


1927 and 1935 also brought us the rise of the fascist dictators in Europe…Hitler, Mussolini and Stalin. So the politics of fascism are again relevant, as we see apparently democratic systems in thrall to the fascism of big business, and the increasing erosion of individual freedoms. Islamic and any other forms of ‘fundamentalism’ continue to create separation and fear, so practicing active tolerance is very important as we pass through the years ahead.

On a much brighter and more exciting note we have the innovations in science and technology that are a direct result of this cycle. In 1927 Charles Lindbergh flew across the Atlantic from the US to Europe for the first time. The following year Amelia Earhart became the first woman to achieve the same feat, as Charles Kingsford Smith's transpacific flight opened the world in the same way that Magellan’s circumnavigation did in the 1520s. These are truly ‘heroic’ examples of the excitement this phase generates. Thus the early 1930s saw major advances in aeronautic and transport industry that literally changed the world.


This time a solar powered airplane has taken its first major test flight in Switzerland…“the first aircraft designed to fly night and day without fuel or polluting emissions.”  The plane has the wing span of an Airbus A340 and the weight of an average car. This precedes plans to use a similar but larger solar powered plane to fly around the world in 2012!


In 1928 the first scheduled TV broadcasts in New York were accompanied by Alexander Fleming discovering penicillin! Atomic Physics discovered the ‘neutron’ as synthetic nylon arrived on the scene. Yes big stuff in terms of science and technology. So it is obvious that all sorts of advances in medical, communication, transport and power technologies are just around the corner.


So How Can We Empower Ourselves This Time?


The keyword right now is Innovation…with a capital I. Wherever you are and whatever you do it is now imperative that you find a new way of doing it. Do not let the media feed your fear. Be your own ‘unique individual’ and identify what you are passionate about so you can get motivated with fresh inspiration. Dare to go for it!!


Get excited; connect with your Hero; get fired up! Talk to lots of people and share ideas to ignite positive thoughts and ideas toward your prosperous new future. Uranus startles us into new revolutionary phases…and revolution requires anger after all. Oppressed people rise up and go to battle against oppressing forces…that’s how it works. The thing is to use your ‘righteous anger’ in a positive way, or it becomes part of the problem rather than a means for doing something about it. This is the phenomena that gives rise to terrorism and anarchy…to Hitler and his Third Reich. They don’t know how to channel their anger in positive ways because they are still stuck in ‘retribution’ as their means for venting their anger.


Usually revolutionaries are truly reacting to control systems that are taking away their human rights. This is why Uranus in Aries over the next 7 years will see so many people becoming angry at what Wall Street has done to the world. BP now also stands as a symbol for all that is base and corrupt in corporate systems. For now it is business as usual as their spin doctors continue to tell us what a clean green company it is, whilst derivatives trading continues unabated.


So we do need a revolution, and it must be a peaceful one! Each of us must pass through our personal revolution as we let go of our old patterns preventing us from being all that we can be. It is imperative that we all begin to release “conflict” and learn “co-operation”. This is the key to our collective evolution at this incredibly important time in human and planetary affairs.


Feel love and gratitude as often as possible! These emotions feed the heart and Soul of all of us. Be a “magician”. Uranus is after all, the master magician. Use your thoughts and ideas in positive affirmative ways. This is how we create our own magic!


We are powerful beings with an infinite capacity for creating outcomes in the world. The question for each of us is “Which ones do I want /need to create, and how can they serve my fellow beings in all the kingdoms of nature?”


Stay tuned for the unfolding Uranus in Aries story. In the next instalment we’ll meet a few more of the “Gods of Change” playing their part in the unfolding transformational drama on planet earth.


Uranus in Aries for each Sign


The keywords for Uranus are: Change, freedom, liberation, innovation, revolution, sudden, unexpected, erratic, chaotic, exciting, independent, eccentric, different, new, electrical, seeding, ideas, invention, futuristic, humanitarian, collective, dynamic…you get the idea!!


The keywords for Aries are: Independent, courageous, brave, adventurous, bold, daring, pioneering, entrepreneurial, risky, reckless, impulsive, angry, aggressive, assertive, selfish, inspiring, warlike, heroic…you get the idea…


So now apply these words to your own sign as we highlight your particular sector/zone being affected over the next 7 years!! 


If you are born 21st of any month it has already begun. If born 22nd to 25th then 2011 will be your big year. If born 26th to 29th yours is 2012 – if born 30th to 2nd yours is 2013. If born 3rd to 6th yours is 2014 – if born 7th to 10th yours is 2015. If born 11th to 14th yours is 2016 – if born 15th to 17th yours is 2017. If born 18th to 20th yours is 2018. 


Aries Huge changes ahead to completely reinvent your approach to taking action in the world dear Rams. Those born March 21st are already being motivated to step into fresh territory, so remember to keep your iron fist in your best velvet glove! Meanwhile August/September 2010 bring major relationship and career shifts for all that may be tricky but ultimately enable you to pioneer new business/projects that can change and uplift the world  Be assertive but never aggressive, and remember you need others so learn co-operation and invite support rather than ‘going it alone’!


Taurus Your psychological and spiritual life will be completely inspired and revamped over the next 7 years. Practical earthy you now has the opportunity to tap into psychic forces to empower your “Science of Mind”…your ability to imagine and use powerful thoughts to “dream up your reality”. It’s time to re-invent wealth and worth systems on our planet and your just the guy/gal for the job. Become an innovator in environmental or financial arenas and your set for big progress and great financial outcomes.


Gemini So it’s time for clever mercurial you to start using your gifts and skills in the wider social arenas of society, which means broadening your horizons and opening your mind to new possibilities. Whatever your field…communications, teaching, IT, social networks, travel, transport…you are free to learn and share and connect as never before. This will require commitment and dedication along the way, along with owning your ambition and seeing yourself as a serious contender for contributing to the world.


Cancer As one of the 4 Cardinal signs (the others are Aries, Libra and Capricorn) you will be impacted strongly by Mr Revolution over the next 7 years. If you are born June 21st it has already begun and changes are sweeping through your home/family, partnerships and most importantly, your career. Uranus offers inspired originality if you dare to be different and break away from old systems in corporate areas. Indeed you are the group responsible for creating new “corporate consciousness” that brings sustainability and inclusivity to our world.


Leo Well you guys really get to enjoy the excitement of this turn of the cosmic wheel, as Mr Freedom is your kind of guy…you of all the signs can ride the wave of change ahead in radical fabulous ways. He lights up your life with vibrant possibilities for stepping into leadership roles to motivate yourself and others with ideas, ideals, and generally spreading the word that change is a good thing! As he moves through your higher learning/travel sector over the next 7 years keep those bags packed, lecture notes handy, and line up those webinars.


Virgo Virgins begin an interesting journey into the realm of power and its correct use over these years ahead. Deep transformational changes will be the result of the need within you to understand the true workings of life… and people… and their psyches. Along the way you can liberate old fears and taboos as you free yourself to embrace your passion and power…sexually, emotionally and financially. On that note this phase demands freedom from contracts that bind and control you, once again on a number of levels.


Libra With your middle name being “relationship’ you may be surprised, and hopefully in time delighted, with your growing need for more individuality and independence. So take the hint a.s.a.p to avoid trouble and confusion in both personal and professional areas, as you learn to say no and give up old pleasing and complying patterns. Remember you are your own person! Lots of growing up is the result of all this, and in some cases releasing old family arrangements or getting ready for new ones are part of the deal.


Scorpio Phoenix people get to do your ‘rising from the ashes’ routine courtesy of great awakenings and new beginnings in your daily work and health sector. Think original new ways of organising your both your employers and your own systems. It’s all about systems and you are the gang who will introduce and implement financial and environmental miracles. We have all the technology at our disposal. Now it needs financial backing to empower alternate power systems to become profitable. Think a long way out of the box.


Sagittarius As an action type person you are just going to love this Uranus dude electrifying your life over the next 7 years. He has taken up residence in your creative expression sector so is set to enliven and stimulate your personal creativity…whatever that may be. If you haven’t already experienced your wild rebellious child then watch out ‘cause he/she is rearing to get out and shake some booty. Obviously it’s best to use this great energy in constructive ways so get ready to travel, teach, publish and spread your knowledge around.


Capricorn You are the last of the Cardinal signs…one of the mover and shakers that make our world go around…in your case run businesses and governments! So any apparent losses of your old structures…be they family or worldly…over these times are in fact people or situations that ultimately release you from old patterns…a good thing. Freshly equipped with a fresh attitude to life step forward now and use these challenging times to forge new structures that will support our world in positive new ways…not just keep perpetrating old broken ones.


Aquarius Our original inventive water carriers are well equipped to jump on this revolutionary bandwagon, as you have been at the vanguard of social reform for many years. Yes my friends the world is finally ready for you, so let go of old beliefs that may still be alienating you from mainstream group activity. You are the ideas people, the technocrats, the ones who dare to see ahead into the future. So now it’s time to connect with like minded others as you teach and share your humanitarian vision in whatever form it takes.


Pisces After 7 years with Uranus in your sign you are now officially re-designed. Just look back and you’ll see what I mean. Now he heads into your worth/values sector to liberate you from old value systems that are so 20th century! What do you do that makes you feel good about yourself…do you have a strong sense of your self worth? It is now your mission to become the most valuable person you can be so you can use this great strength to inspire your new tomorrows. If sudden changes/losses occur learn the lessons and move on.




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