DEATH OF A PRINCESS - August 30th 1997 - 2.00 am - PARIS
Maggie Kerr (AAT.Dip.Couns.)

What force is at work when the death of a famous woman, can raise a whole planet to express a grief unlike ever before expressed on such a scale? What force indeed, can open the feminine to such expression of so many thousands of years of her pain, through the sacrifice of the archetypal Princess taken in a violent death at the peak of her beauty and potential.

I was one of the millions who cried when she died. But it didn’t stop there, and I found myself still expressing vulnerable feelings for some weeks after ( as also many others have reported to me), and in touch with a sense of my intuitive feminine which is feeling very enhanced. I have pondered the significance of this in my own experience, and found myself seeking understanding of the Higher aspect potential which may be at work here, and feel sure that some wonderful and most important new release of feminine energy has been issued into our global collective. These recent decades have seeded the necessary re-emergence of the Feminine, so that she may recreate balance within the collective. And I sense that the long gestation is nearly over.

Over mythology’s long history the archetype of the Divine Mother has been central to the principle of birth, death and resurrection as the key to natural unfoldment. The divine spark is issued through the body of a divine woman or Goddess, who gestates and protects the next in the Royal lineage, and in ancient and medieval times she then paid the price of separation from the prince, as he was taken by the King to be trained for the role of Kingship. So of course this Divine Feminine was originally a Princess. I find the literal enactment of this archetype at work here quite remarkable. Diana never did become the Queen, (except “of people’s hearts”) and played out the ultimate portrayal of this profoundly Spiritual Creative principle… namely the sacrificial Virgin Princess.

So she leaves behind her two sons… two sparks of new masculine energy being released at the very highest level…into the royal lineage of the country which lies at the heart of the whole socio/political structure of our global order through her colonisation, and which lineage still physically provides the vehicle for the fulfillment of the King function. Could it be that metaphysically this is also the case and a great Soul has indeed come into a royal prince, who may fulfill the role of the Philosopher King and embody leadership love and compassion as we enter the next Great Age of Aquarius.

A quick view of the remarkable synastry between Queen Elizabeth II, her son Prince Charles and his son Prince William reveals her Sun at 0 degrees Taurus, Charles’ Moon at the same degree and sign in his 10th House (yes that’s a very famous mother who has played out the principle of stability… and yes she’s very rich), and then we see William carrying Jupiter at the same degree, in his 9th house but conjunct his Scorpio midheaven., which at 5 degrees is in square to Charles’ Ascendant of 5 degrees Leo (and in turn to his Mother’s Jupiter at 5 degrees Aquarius). O degrees of Taurus to me represents the very heartland of the fixed cross principle… namely the anchoring of the physical creative and empowered principle into humanity. William’s Jupiter here suggests a Sage/Teacher release into this point.

Diana’s Jupiter sits exact at 5 degrees Aquarius on Charles’ Descendant (marriage point). This 5 degree point was heavily activated in February this year, as the grand constellation between Pluto in Sag, Saturn in Aries, Mars in Libra, Jupiter in Aquarius and Uranus in Aquarius, all occurred with these planets at 5 degrees of their respective signs. So Charles, Diana and William were all activated by this major constellation, to midheaven, Jupiter and ascendant respectively. At the time of her death Uranus was at 5 degrees Aquarius. Remarkable!

The same week that Diana left us, her Sister Crone dear Mother Teressa, also went home. Again I am delighted and astounded that She ( the feminine) should express herself in such profound fashion. If Diana was the young, beautiful, ripe aspect of the Feminine, then of course The Mother was the Crone Medicine Woman aspect, and they were friends. United in their passion for the underprivileged and their profound need to nurture. And united in their timing … such amazing timing here, as we sit poised at the Millennium.

So many prophecies from so many cosmologies all speak of these times as a major turning point for earth’s civilisation and evolution. The messiah principle is also central to the prophecies, and corresponds with the 2,000 year periods of our evolutionary unfoldment. So as Neptune enters Aquarius in 1998/9 we may anticipate the seeding from Spirit of a messianic impulse into the collective… perhaps simultaneously in a number of forms or bodies. Could it be that indeed the young Prince is one, and even the most important of these, and as he has now passed through his Saturn Opposition at age 14, he will be ready to take up his leadership role in the 2000’s in some much more meaningful way than his forebears of recent centuries. I’m not saying this is a sure thing, but all the metaphysical evidence is most interesting, and I am inspired at the promise of such an eventuality.

Diana’s chart is fascinating as I now look back and see it’s fulfillment. There are many powerful activations at the time of her death, the inner planet trigger being the Sun on her Natal Pluto in the 8th house. The Uranian component is startling, as we find Uranus on her natal Jupiter in the 2nd at 5 degrees Aquarius, and transiting Jupiter, also in her 2nd in a 1 degree opposition to her Progressed Sun at 15 degrees Leo in the 8th. Here we have the magical and oftentimes backhanded influence of Jupiter bringing humanity (Aquarius/Uranus) his gift of some great new opportunity through her sacrificial death, and opening the 8th house collective feelings of grief to allow Light to begin to penetrate deep into the collective psyche, so it may transform itself by passing through the process of ritual purification (tears).

Transiting Neptune was exact on her natal Saturn at 27 degrees Capricorn, which speaks to us of the dharmic responsibility she carried to re-inspire the Saturn planetary system with fresh Spiritual force. I also see this as the representation of her sacrifice (Neptune) for the King (Saturn) and her return to Spirit, and the young Prince’s ultimate sacrifice in the loss of his Mother to whom he was so close. They were both Cancereans. Lastly, transiting Pluto at 3 degrees of Sag. in her 11th, the Aquarian house of group and social consciousness, fell in square aspect to her natal Pluto/Mars midpoint in the 8th house. So here is the Plutonian planetary component offering the transformational potential of the Group Mind (11th House) into a higher awareness of humanitarian issues which currently are so dire as to require massive action from many of us in the years to come as the Global crisis deepens.

She became involved in work which represents the first true non proliferation pact between so many countries in History. The symbol of the land mine is rife with metaphors for humanities current position in regard to itself, such as “we don’t want to stand on a dangerous earth and blow ourselves up any more” …how very appropriate for her Mars/Pluto conjunction in Virgo in the 8th. And along the way she showed the face of compassion and love to so many, and confronted her own deep dragons of the pain at her own incomplete happiness.

Thankyou Diana…whether it be conscious or unconscious this role you played, you fulfilled a beautiful and powerful archetype for us in so many ways, and although I never knew you I am touched by you, and inspired to keep believing that the feminine is alive and well, even though you have left us.
Maggie Kerr October 1st 1997