The Mutual Reception of Uranus in Pisces & Neptune In Aquarius.

Science Meets God.

Maggie Kerr (AAT.Dip.Couns.)


You've probably heard about a “mutual reception” happening in the heavens at the moment! So what does this mean exactly? When two planets reside in the signs that each other rule, it is known as a “mutual reception”, as they are said to be receiving each other's “light” or energies, thus amplifying the relationship between the two. So it is with the two outer planets Uranus and Neptune from 2003 until 2010, as they pass through Pisces and Aquarius respectively, as Uranus is the ruler of Aquarius, and Neptune the ruler of Pisces. So what does this mean in terms of big picture events and possible outcomes, in the larger scope of human affairs?

Well these 2 mythic characters are said to contain the essential and primal link between “humanity”, ruled by Uranus The Sky God, and the “Spiritualising influence', ruled by Neptune God Of The Seas. Since their discovery in 1781 and 1846 respectively, human affairs have accelerated in every way, as their arrival into our experience heralded the transition between the Age Of Pisces (Neptune) and Age Of Aquarius (Uranus), and the great process necessary for humanity to evolve and mutate into a higher and more positive consciousness. All great processes in our history have been fraught with risk and challenge, and these times are no exception. In fact this particular process has been under way for the past 500-years as we shall see, and corresponds to the remarkable accelerative phase of human endeavour since the Renaissance.

When I investigated this astronomical co-incidence historically over the past several thousand years I discovered that they have met in ‘mutual ‘reception' on 3 previous occasions, and each of these have been within the last 500 years…not before! So this period between 2003-10, is the 4 th stage of a process. Perhaps this will all mean more after we've played in some history so we may discover the structuring forces at work underneath, or within, this remarkable union of these two great planetary lords.

Previous Mutual Receptions of Uranus in Pisces & Neptune in Aquarius

TL 1501-1508 UK 1506-1520 Reception lasts 2 years

Leonardo – Mona Lisa 1503 – designs horizontal water wheel 1510 – dies 1519

Michelangelo – “David” 1501 – Sistine Chapel ceiling begins 1508

Raphael – Botticelli – Titan - The High Renaissance – Hieronymus Bosch

Cesare Borgia dies 1507 – Giovani DeMedici elected Pope Leo X

Henry VIII King crowned 1507 - Thomas Wolsley archbishop & Chancellor of England

Sir Thomas More “Utopia” 1518 - Machiavelli publishes

Book burning ordered by Pope - Professorship in divinity founded at Oxford

John Knox born 1505, future leader of Scot. Reformation

John Calvin born 1509 - Erasmus lectures at Cambridge

Martin Luther ordained Augustinian monk 1506 – posts his 95 theses on Wittenberg church 1517

– refuses to recant 1518 – excommunicated 1520

Swift development of book printing - chocolate from Mexico 1520

Columbus sails on 4 th and last voyage – Vasco Da Gama founds colony in India

Balboa crosses Panama Isthmus and discovers Pacific Ocean - Magellan leaves to circumnavigate globe 1519

Cortez enters Tenochtitlan capital of Mexico, received by Montezuma 1519

Copernicus age 30 made Dr. of cannon law – 1512 states planets circle Sun

Nostradamus born 1503 - Paracelcus ‘wanders' Europe

Peter Henlein constructs first watch in Nuremberg - Royal College of Physicians founded 1518

First attempts to restrict practice of medicine to licensed doctors 1509

Earthquake destroys Constantinople - beginnings of slave trade to new world

TL 1668-1675 UK 1670-1685 Reception lasts 5 years

Christopher Wren designed London - Versailles remodelled

Rembrandt – Vermeer at the height of their fame - JS Bach & Handel & Scarlatti Vivaldi all born in 1685!

First ballets arrive in Germany from France - Henry Purcell - Theatre Royal reopened after fire

Rob Roy born 1671 - John Bunyan “Pilgrims Progress”

Mitsui Bank founded in Japan 1673 - First coffeehouse in Hamburg

Spinoza publishes “Ethics” – dies 1677 - Milton publishes “Paradise Regained”

Influenza epidemic in England - Paris becomes centre of European culture

Cassini publishes “Astronomical Elements” - William Dampier begins voyage around the world

Academy of Sciences founded in Moscow - first street lighting in London

Founding of Chelsea hospital in London for wounded soldiers - Louis 14 th exiles French Protestants

British East India Company takes control in Bombay – English settle Charlestown

Isaac Newton constructs reflecting telescope – “Optics”

Newton – mathematical theory on tides – gravitational effects Sun, Moon Earth


TL 1835-1843 UK 1834-1848 Reception lasts 7 years

Van Gogh born 1843 - Paul Cezanne born 1839 - father of modern art

Whistler born 1835 - Constable “The Valley Farm” 1835

National Gallery London building begins – expression “L'Art Pour l'Art coined

Tchaikovsky born 1840 - Arthur Sullivan born 1842 – WS Gilbert born 1836

Bizet born 1838 - - Chopin & George Sand - Richard Wagner –Berlioz -

Neitzsche born 1844 -Karl Marx published “Manifesto” 1845

Neptune discovered 1846 -Schiaparelli Astronomer born 1835

Romantic movement - - “St Paul” - Mendelssohn b. 1846

Hans Christian Anderson publishes tales - William Wordsworth “Poems”

Robert Browning “Paracelsus” - Mark Twain born 1835

Dickens “Pickwick Papers” 1836 - Ralph Waldo Emerson “Nature” 1836

Ramakrishna Hindu saint & teacher born 1836

Halley's Comet reappears - Samuel Morse electric telegraph 1837

First efforts to propel rail cars by electric batteries 1835

Daguerre-Niepce method of photography introduced Paris 1838

Charles Goodyear invents ‘vulcanisation” of rubber for tyres 1839

Ozone named – cell growth theory – first electric clock – first bicycle, all in 1839

Barnum begins showman career 1835 - Ferdinand von Zeppelin born 1838

Andrew Carnegie b. 1835 - Grover Cleveland b. 1837 - J Pierpont Morgan b. 1837 - John D Rockefeller b. 1839

Melbourne in Australia founded 1835 - Adelaide 1836

First competition cricket match in London - First baseball game 1839

First steamers London/New York 1838 - Cunard line 1839

NY Herald employs “European Correspondents” – first Grand National 1839

First Opium Wars England & China 1839 - Spread of British Empire and Imperialism – Opium trade etc

Queen Victoria crowned 1838 - also first British/Afghan war – Boers defeat Zulus

Lead up to the American Civil War over slavery

There are so many more notable outcomes during this period but space does not allow all to be listed.


TL 2003-2010 UK 1998-2011 Reception lasts 7 years


TL 2170-2177 UK 2161-2175 Reception lasts 5 years


  • This is the 4 th of these ‘receptions' – 4 is the number of Saturn - so this is the 4 th phase, or grounding phase, of a process which has been occurring since the early 1500's.
  • The 1506 till 1508 reception was preceded by a conjunction of UV C (Neptune conjunct Pluto in Gemini) in 1398. This opened the early Renaissance that preceded the High Renaissance of the early 1500s, when Uranus and Neptune “received” each other in Pisces and Aquarius for the first time.
  • Our current reception lasts 7 years and was also preceded by a conjunction of UV C 1892. The 2 nd and 3 rd receptions in 1670s and 1830s were the 2 nd and 3 rd stages in this greater process.
  • So we should expect activity over the next 7-year period comparable… but accelerated in activity – and 5 years longer than the 2 year 1506/08 reception.
  • Neither Uranus nor Neptune had been discovered at 1 st or 2 nd of these 4 receptions.
  • Neptune was discovered in 1846 during the 3 rd reception.
  • We have never experienced a reception occurring as so many other great cycles converge!!

- Western Astrological 25,600 year “Precession Of The Equinoxes” from Age of Pisces to Aquarius.

- Mayan – 5,123-year “tun” which is a “galactic synchronisation beam” ends 2012

- Yugas – Rudhyar records Kali Yuga began 3102bc – 10,000 years – we were half way in 1898

- ‘Great' Uranus, Neptune and Pluto cycles = 10,000 years

Profound Developments!

So Leonardo Da Vince and Michelangelo were touched by ‘divine inspiration' at the first reception. This highlights Neptune and Uranus expressing “Divine Revelation” through “the arts”. Knox & Calvin are born as Luther is upsetting the Catholic Church with his “reformation”, from which Knox and Calvin would go on to create “Protestantism” – after all it was a ‘protest' at the old world order of Catholicism! For that matter Henry The Eighth is crowned, who would create the Church Of England so he could divorce a wife. Simplistic I know, but he made a lot of money from the defrocked wealthy clergy, and the material world is a theme here also as we shall see. So the theme of “revolutionising religion and belief” is a major theme here also.


Then we have Columbus, Magellan and Cortez performing feats of remarkable bravery in their quest for knowledge of our geographic planet, paving the way for the settlement of the Americas by the English and Spanish. Yep, this is pretty significant also! And in the realm of the sciences there is a unique seeding by the man who is probably the most important character of all…Copernicus. His ‘heresy' that the Earth circles the Sun, was to revive the ancient Greek ‘gnosis' which had been “buried in the sands of time” for thousands of years. The most famous Astrologer in history is born in 1503. His name was Nostrodamus.


And so it goes in the next reception in the 1670's. The arts, sciences, philosophy and global expansion are keynotes once again. Of particular interest here is the work of Isaac Newton defining the laws of physics, paving the way for modern science. And by the time we get to the 1830's/40's things are taking off big time. There is a real sense of exponential growth by this phase i.e. the number systems which are the building blocks of the Universe are producing increments of growth. Perhaps you have heard of the Fibonacci Ratio? He was an Italian who trained in Persia and tapped into the ancient Pythagorean systems, which revealed the “divine ratio” into modern times. The Greeks called it the Aurio Sectio: the Golden Mean. It is the basis of all spiral growth as it increments thus: 1 is the prime number, so 1+1=2, 2+1=3, 3+2=5, 5+3= 8, 8+5=13, 13+8=21- and so on. When you check the list of remarkable discoveries in every field during the 1800 reception, it shows very clearly the remarkable expansion of this phase. And this time the men who would go on to be the founders of modern American “capitalism” are all born! So they are ‘seeded' (as Uranus does!) into an era when British Imperialism unites the planet in exploitation of global resources of every kind.


The thing, which particularly strikes me, as I scan these historical, lists, is that it is people who bring things into form. All these unique men and women tapped into the “collective mind”, or “Mind Of God”, or the great computer in the sky, or whatever you care to name it, and channelled ideas and inventions which would revolutionise their time. Again there is a sense of continuum here, as each in their era built upon ideas or developments from earlier reception phases. The mutual reception of Uranus in Pisces and Neptune in Aquarius gives birth to, or seeds, “Inspired Thinkers” and “Visionaries”.

What may we discover and develop this time?

We are about to enter a phase, which I am calling “The New High Renaissance”! We will witness a flourishing of human collective culture in absolutely every area. The keynote here is “SYNTHESIS” of inspiration U (Crown Chakra) into mind T (Third Eye). Elementally the link between sky (Uranus Sky God) and water (Neptune Sea God) will create a fusion between group mind (Uranus) and group Soul (Neptune), or said another way, between rational intellect (Uranus) and instinctive compassionate intelligence (Neptune)! We cannot progress into a more “conscious” (i.e. aware and responsible) human evolution until we perceive and integrate the relationship between our rational mental intelligence (Uranus,) and our emotional intelligence (Neptune)!

The work of a few Uranian souls over the past 40 years since the revolutionary mid 1960s, has been toward this new ideal, and bringing it into concrete form. Hence the healing movement that has been active in our culture, since Chiron's discovery in 1977. There are some remarkable souls who incarnated in the mid 1960s, who will be at the forefront of expressing this ‘infusion into conscious expression' of humanistic (Uranus) ideals (Neptune). The world has big problems!! I have been amused for some time now by the idea that the results of scientific expansionism of the past few hundred years, since Uranus and Neptune were discovered, will now be put to the use of solving all the problems that we have created along the way!! Nature, or Gaia is damaged and in need of radical healing in the next few decades, and this will be the keynote of technological advances in this new mutual reception phase!

The Sciences
When we consider that the alchemists of the early 1500s, gave rise to the scientists of the 1680s, and inventors of the mid 1800s, then an interesting idea for our current timing brings me to a core idea which has always fascinated me. Why has human evolution contained the development of the “scientific rational” and what's it for? There's a lovely axiom I came across many years ago which says that when Science finds God, East will meet West. 20thC scientific development has taken us to the micro/ nucleic/ atomic/ genetic levels in an attempt to understand the creation of life. So I see this as science attempting to become God…to be able to ‘birth' life! The holy grail of Science is to prove that God exists and we're only a hairs breath away from this outcome! It will indeed occur in the next 7 years . This union I call a “Marriage of Science and Mysticism”. There are huge moral implications to all this of course, and this leads to a discussion of the religious implications in the next section.

As I write this in January 2004 NASA has just landed their Mars robot signalling a major new phase in cosmic exploration. When you look at the early 1500s timing with the sailors discovering new worlds, the analogy is oh so obvious! We can but fantasise how far we'll have gone by the next reception in 2170! There will be a number of visionary dreamers who will “dream up” these possible futures, along the lines of HG Wells, Jules Verne and our own remarkable Arthur Clark, who brought us 2001 and 2010. The outcome in the movie 2010 contains a “miraculous” accord between the 2 adversary countries, from the brink of war! I'm keeping that idea in my dreaming! The other obvious call here is the strong chance that we'll make contact with extra intelligence/s over the next decade, either in person or by e-waves!


As we reach out beyond our planet, we'll also be reaching backwards…and inwards. When Uranus was in Pisces in the 1920s Archaeology became a recognised science. My call is that there will be major revelations in the next few years which bring us closer to understanding the origin of collective soul intelligence which seeded humanity from the “stars”.


Simply put, we are heading into a new Spiritual reformation! Over the next several hundred years mankind will embrace the “Universality” principle, which will force the traditional religions of the past 2000 years to soften their dogmas and leave room for a more tolerant planet. A non-denominational, non-sectarian, and inclusive belief system is absolutely necessary to release the fear and stress which is a feature of these times. Leaders like the Dalai Lama will grow in prominence, and I imagine there will be a number of inspired icons who will emerge in the next 7 years. Messiah themes are central to Millennium times, so watch out for those who claim to be something they are not! There is a great need for people to believe in “something” apart from a material world God, so illusion and glamour are pitfalls here for those who give their energy away to “false idols”! Perhaps “the second coming” is a symbolic rather than a literal affair, and the “saviour” is a place inside us rather than an idealised person.


The 1920s was also the era of the “Occultists” who pioneered the search for ancient Spiritual ideas and understanding of our place in the Universe. Blavatsky – Gurgeiff – Crowley – Leadbetter – Alan Leo – Dane Rudhyar were the ‘way showers' who revealed the ancient Universal spirituality so we would be ready 80 years later to integrate the old with the new. Again we see a sense of polarity here…synthesis. Spiritual healing and all kinds of mystical/faith orientated healing modalities will begin to walk hand in hand with rational scientific medicine, as more of us “get” the metaphysics of causal relationship between mind and body and disease. But before we get to all of this wonderful idealism, the years ahead will be full of “resistance” between the old world view and the new emerging sciences of Metaphysics.

The Arts
“Techno' Art” is a term we will hear lots in the years ahead. Technology allows individuals to create their own music with symphonic backing if they like. What fun is to be had here, and in the visual arts on every level. Again, the 1920s offered an explosion of modernism and new forms which were day from night away from the earlier Edwardian styles. So this time the sky is the limit. The film industry will flourish (it began in the 1920s), and the icons and stars will reflect the emerging theme of pioneering new frontiers in philosophy, spirituality and global renewal. The freemasons of older times used principles from ‘Sacred Architecture', and this knowledge as it re-emerges will revolutionise town and commercial planning and outcomes with integrated environments – yes Feng Shui is what's needed from here. Visionary architects will design cities underwater and out in space. If you are an artist or creative person then these next 7 years are what you've been waiting for!

We have an incredible opportunity in the next decade to really do some remarkable things! Whatever your passion it is time to dare to express it, as these powerful energies will fertilise your dreams. The key is daring to dream in the first place, and not buying into the fear based culture which solves problems through aggression and conflict. It is vital to own your “individuality” and not be reliant on outside influences or people as the source of your motivation and outcomes. The old style Piscean form of merging with others to obtain ‘wholeness' is a thing of the past from here. Once we discover who we really are as individuals (Uranus) then we can “merge safely” (Neptune) with others, without loosing our power and becoming dependant. The other feature of our heightened potential involves re-connecting with out “intuition” (Neptune) and linking this with our rational mind (Uranus) – so start listening to your true feelings – it helps avoid lots of mistakes!

The ideal of Democracy comes to us from ancient Greeks. Demos = people and cratos = power. However they built their civilisation on slavery, and in many ways “slavery” is still a reality for much of the world in some form. This new cycle will involve another phase of reforming slavery/victims/disenfranchised people, toward a more just society. Education is also in need of major reform to encourage individual creative identity. Rudolf Steiner was a mystic visionary whose work in the 1920s gave us a theory of education which integrates the 4 basic principles of: Knowledge, Religion, Art and Morality. These kinds of theories now need to be brought into mainstream life! Another area where we will see major advances is in the field of “inner space” of the Psyche. A more holistic attitude around mental health will begin to emerge, which honours emotional healing models as a key to affecting our mental health. New developments in synthetic drugs will feature, which may lead to a major upsurge in use of transcendental drugs as people seek the ”ecstatic experience. Primitive cultures used hallucinogens as a means of altering consciousness and opening pathways of awareness. This can also be achieved by natural means of course, so meditation and yogic practices will become widely used.

So onward and upwards my friends…get inspired, heal old beliefs in separation, and commit to being part of a global community which has room for us all!

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Maggie Kerr AAT

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