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2010 Year Ahead Report  Maggie Kerr   AAT
…including horoscopes for each sign


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1.         Introduction 
2.         2010 Horoscope 
3.         Jupiter, Chiron Neptune in Aquarius
4.         The Cardinal Signs and the World Degree
5.         Saturn in Libra - begins aspects with Pluto in Capricorn
6.         Saturn square Pluto
7.         Jupiter Joins Uranus in Aries – a complete new beginning
8.         Saturn in Libra completes Oppositions to Uranus in Aries 
9.         Uranus in Aries - begins aspects with Pluto in Capricorn 2011 
10.       Eclipses & Planet Retrograde Phases 


 “It was the best of times, and it was the worst of times” is perhaps the most famous of Charles Dickens’ lines… from his novel a Tale of Two Cities. And it is with this I begin this 2010 Year Ahead report, as the metaphors flow so easily and on a number of levels. The two cities are the polar principle of light and dark…then it was London and France…staunch adversaries in those times.  Now we have many options in which the polarisation exists; Islamic east versus Christian West; unconscious Capitalist greed via Globalisation and financial manipulation, versus the emerging consciousness of equitable Sustainablisation. Yes that word really doesn’t exist so humour me.

And as for the best and worse this also applies on many levels. Never has there been so much affluence and so much poverty…have we been so technically advanced and so spiritually starved…so information rich and common sense poor, so informed and so confused, so free and so controlled, and so enlightened and in such darkness.

We can all be forgiven for believing that we are having a serious ‘confusion pathology’ these days as we are confronted with the two so polarised sets of information coming at us every time we tune in to the media on the one hand, and the counterculture e-waves on the other. Who are the good guys and who are the bad guys? Conspiracy theories abound. I think and feel that this is a great moment to sit on the fence and watch it all coming in from both sides. Staying objective and keeping a healthy detachment is a great idea right now as the deception and illusion machinery is working overtime to influence our thoughts and actions. Which is not to say we should not continue to do our bit toward a more equitable world.

And now as we step into the 4 year window between 2010 and 2014 a set of massive planetary forces are about to unroll their drama through our social and evolutionary landscape. And even though every generation says they live in the most important and interesting of times, the news is this is a whole brand new day, and life as we know it is about to make a quantum shift as we reach this fork in the global crossroads. So the question becomes… quite how can we use these ‘forces’ for our own evolution and positive forward motion, as we stay alert to decisions being made by the ‘powers that be’?


2010 Horoscope 

Our new year opens under the rays of a Lunar Eclipse highlighting the Full Moon essence of the Horoscope for 2010. Ancient priest astronomers believed that the heavenly ‘portals’ were open between earth and the Gods at these times, and there are many examples in history of powerful shifts and changes occurring, both socially and tectonically as eclipses move gradually along the 12 signs of the Zodiac over a 19 year cycle.

So our eclipse ‘season’ for 2010 begins on the very first day of the year triggering the signs of Capricorn and opposite sign Cancer. And with transformer Pluto in Capricorn since last year for his 16 year process of regenerating the governmental and economic systems that run our planet, and the 2010 chart carrying Sun in Capricorn and Moon in opposite Cancer, the 19 year cycle of the eclipses in these signs portend enormous developments about to unfold as we begin to move deeper into the transformational energies of the next four years.

Cancer is the sign of home and family, roots and foundations…both physically and emotionally. After the economic calamities of the past year with so many people loosing what they used to believe was a kind of certainty that they had done the right thing by investing money for ‘the future’, we are back at core ‘safety’ issues. The shift in consciousness offered by this full moon eclipse involves releasing old emotional patterns that keep us ‘unsafe’…and some of this is very old material going way back through our family lines. We must create new emotional foundations, set new goals based on what really matters…the love and nurture of simple family groups who support and care for each other. We must learn to be sensitive and responsive to the needs and feelings of our family…both personal and global.

This Sun Moon opposition also highlights my theme of extreme polarised positions in all manner of personal and worldly issues over the coming year. The climate change issue is growing into a debate at last between those who claim a carbon tax will lower CO2 emissions, and those who believe it will not…and indeed that our current climate changes are part of naturally occurring cycles. I comment further on this in following sections. So be careful of extreme positions in your own lives, be objective and take in information with as little bias as possible as you gradually resolve your own internal conflicts over the next year. The goal of this eclipse new year is to form new foundations and release your belief in ‘separation’ of your own Sun and Moon – Spirit and Soul – Ego and Feelings – Masculine and Feminine…to unite self nurture with your creative expression. We need to be realistic and make healthy choices allowing our feminine intuition equal importance with our masculine reason.  Once this is achieved we can release tension and fear. And as we shall see this applies to our outer as well as our inner relationships.


Jupiter Chiron and Neptune in Aquarius

Here is an excerpt from my 2009 report;       

By May 2009 Jupiter joins with Neptune and Chiron in Aquarius and we begin several months of this very rare triple conjunction. Quite how this will manifest of course remains to be seen, but it is not hard to imagine this may be the timing for some kind of unique meeting or ‘think tank’ of leaders/ scientists/ environmental specialists/financial strategists to create a new co-operative team to tackle the pressing issues currently confronting our global system.  Unification is a central idea here as this is the primary tenant of Aquarius. President Obama will have been in office for 4 months as this conjunction begins, and by December/January 2010 as it completes we should have a new game plan in place that includes a consensus of all the major players on the world stage…i.e. countries and influential political and business leaders”.

The December 7th Copenhagen Summit bringing together 192 countries fits the bill perfectly for what I suggested in last year’s report, and began to be planned and discussed in May. A battle ensued between the rich and poor nations, and those seeking to support the Carbon Trading Business agenda versus those who do not. A hasty agreement was created at the 11th hour by Barak Obama with some of the developed nations but by and large the whole thing was a fiasco…and a sham. But at least it is now clear that an agenda for a world government is afoot according to the UN Secretary General.


So 2010 sees the next chapter in the global climate crisis, and the same three planets; Jupiter, Chiron and Neptune in Aquarius centre stage for their final conjunction in the 5th House of Leadership. And not only but also… being opposed by warrior Mars in Leo in the 11th House of Groups and Organizations. So my friends the battle begins in earnest.  This year my call is that we will experience some of the largest protests by individuals in groups ever. The power of the internet allows us to circulate information beyond media control so listen, watch u-tube, share information, and make your own informed decisions. It is obvious that a general reduction in consumption on every level is needed by the whole world. But as to whether we end up with a new greed based carbon business to create wealth for the elite, or their whole system is exposed for what it really is and a miracle occurs, and we have the chance to implement a whole new business philosophy…that is the question. With so many planets in Capricorn this year one thing is for sure. Governance systems will begin to transform or die.       


Add to this the entrance of structural form building Saturn on his once in 28/30 year journey through Libra, and revolutionary Uranus entering Aries to kick off his new 84 year cycle, and all the ingredients are in place for a wild ride on planet earth over the next 12 months. So here’s some background about the 4 Zodiac signs featured in the year ahead:  


The Cardinal Signs

O degrees Aries on March 21st is the beginning of the true natural year when the Sun is directly over the Equator…known as the “Solstice” point. This is also known as the “World Degree” or the Cardinal Point.  Aries and its opposite sign Libra… plus Cancer and its opposite sign Capricorn are known as “Cardinal Signs”, and as the name implies worldly activity and authority are the feature these signs fulfil in the 12 fold system of the Zodiac. These four signs ‘make things happen’ and are the primary essence of the social order of our planet and in our personal lives. Aries initiates, motivates and opens new territory – Cancer nurtures and cultivates so firm foundations can be laid – Libra brings about the social interaction and relationships to further the process – and Capricorn is the result of the process.


So when a planet enters any of these four signs all features of the personal + society are triggered as the synthetic feedback system of…
self - Aries
family - Cancer
relationships - Libra …and
goals/results – Capricorn
… all come into focus and interaction.


The fact that Saturn is also classed as a Cardinal Planet because of his natural rulership of Capricorn adds weight to the incoming forces of this next phase in our Earth’s process. So Cardinal Saturn in a Cardinal sign…Libra…will be very forceful indeed.

There are 3 other significant planets either already in a cardinal sign or about to enter one over these next few years. The 2010 Chart has Pluto, Venus, Mercury, Sun and North Node all is Capricorn. These are opposed by Moon in Cancer, representing Group Soul activity concerning the deepest level of personal home family and global safety. This Full Moon chart says there will be great opposition both within and outside of ourselves, as the light begins to shine on a new level of human initiation. Add to this Saturn in Libra and Uranus in Aries, also cardinal signs producing hard aspects to all of the above, and the stage is set for the biggest ever shakeup and shapeup in human history.


Saturn in Libra - begins aspects with Pluto in Capricorn

So let’s start with Pluto…planet of death and renewal who has been in Capricorn… the sign of social and corporate governance, since January 2008 for 16 years until 2024. It was almost to the day he stepped through this major threshold point that the wheels started falling off the global financial carriage. Pluto only comes calling once every 250 years to any sign, and the last time he did his thing in Capricorn was during the decades leading up to the French Revolution, American War of Independence, founding of Australia and the prelude to the Industrial Revolution. So one cycle later that which was founded in the late 1700s has to be transformed and re-generated this time.  But destruction often comes before transformation and renewal, especially if the system is basically broken…which it is. For the in depth article on Pluto in Capricorn go to www.universalastrology.com.au


Then comes the 28 Year Saturn cycle as he returns to Libra for the first time since 1981 to 83. Previous periods are 1921 to 23 and then 1951 to 53 -  These are all periods when significant treaties and global alliances were formed, such as the League of Nations in the early 1920s after WWI, and then the early stages of the United Nations in the early 1950s. For the in depth article on Saturn in Libra go to www.universalastrology.com.au


The Personal Implications of Saturn in Libra for the next few years… are all about relationships… both intimate and business partnerships. During this time we are all challenged to release those that are no longer serving us, as we also forge alliances and bonds with significant others who can advance our cause or join with us to realise our longer term goals. As one of Saturn’s favourite re-structuring mechanism is restriction, we will each begin to feel any restrictive force that may be operating either openly or beneath the surface in our current partnerships, and many a marriage of all types will be forced to re-align itself with a new set of values during this time. There will also be many ‘marriages’ based on shared commitment to mutual support.


As Libra is the sign of the balance between polarised people and ideas this must be our objective during this next 2 years. We need others for support and alliance but the time has come for old style unhealthy co-dependant situations to go. The feminine planet Venus rules Libra and her male counterpart Mars rules the opposite sign Aries.  So its time for Venus and Mars to dance a new dance, as we begin the process of balancing and stabilising the masculine and feminine energies, for the first time in thousands of years.  We are poised at the threshold of a new level of human conscious potential so any patterns that are part of the past will ‘be in our face’ so we can see them, own them, release them and ‘clear our field’ to move forward without having to drag our old baggage with us.  True freedom!!


The new relationships on offer require 2 autonomous individuals loving and working toward their own goals, supporting each other, and being self responsible. There will no longer be room to project blame onto others for what is not working in our lives. This is called living consciously. And this also applies to the collective. Many alliances, trade deals, treaties and deals will be struck during 2010 and 2011, with a goal of ‘mutual support’. Send your conscious intention toward these deals having the higher goal of humanitarian outcomes.



The 34 Year Saturn Pluto Cycle    

These boys together underpin the ‘powers’ that govern and transform our social landscape. Their combined energy destroys and regenerates outmoded structures and brings forward the darker underbelly of the essential conflict between polarised power structures, such as Communism/Capitalism, Islam/Christian or Democracy/Fascism. When they meet in any sign a new 34 cycle begins. They met in Cancer in 1914 at the beginning of WWI leading to the complete dismantling and reshaping of Europe. They met in Leo in 1948 as the world re-aligned after WWII and the Cold War began. Then in Libra in 1982 as Thatcher and Reagan re-shaped the modern business world with “Globalisation”, global credit systems were born and Polish unrest set the scene for the fall of the Iron Curtain in 1989.

Their next new cycle (conjunction) comes in 2020 when they meet in Capricorn.  They were in opposition (half way through the cycle) in September 2001 when the war on Terror began. They were in opposition in 1966 in the midst of the Vietnam War. So by now you have the idea that these dudes are heavy duty and completely ruthless in their social agendas, and the people in power at times of their aspects to each other, have enormous responsibility on their shoulders as they create or react to circumstances.



Saturn square Pluto

So as Saturn enters Libra from early November 2009 he smacks bang into square… or challenging relationship with Pluto in Capricorn as they are ¾ of the way through the 34 year cycle to each other. The last time this happened in Cardinal signs was in 1973/4 (Nixon Watergate, Cambodia), and they were opposing in Cancer and Capricorn throughout 1931…deep in the midst of the Great Depression. This is also the year they ‘cracked the atom’ and Fascism arrived full force on the European Stage.


An interesting ‘coincidence’ is the release of social commentator Michael Moore’s new movie “Capitalism – A Love Story”, an expose of the profoundly unconscious machinery that runs our planet and her resources where greed rules. I like to think that as Saturn brings his karmic force to bear on Libra… the sign of social conscience and “right human relations” we will all be forced to examine this territory, and please God let some conscious leaders finally stand up to the Corporate Conspiracy and their profoundly negative control. Hilary Clinton was on her diplomatic mission to Pakistan over the days of Saturn’s opening “hit” in Libra and of course this is the current hotbed of ‘control issues’ in the War on Terror, our current version of the Fascism of the early 1930s.

The Copenhagen Climate Change Conference has highlighted the power struggles about who should take responsibility for the greatest threat to humanity in history. Regardless of whether industrialisation or natural extinction cycles are the culprits we must make plans to re-define industry waste policy. Once again we must direct our intention and individual energy toward voting and lobbying for conscious choices in the midst of Carbon Trading Schemes that appear to be fodder for feathering a new financial bubble nest, without necessarily providing the emissions cuts needed.

Libra is the sign of peace, harmony and co-operation. We must all direct our thoughts and intention toward ‘peaceful solutions’, diplomacy and seeing other people’s views and needs if we are to support our own lives and goals, and this in turn will contribute to ‘uplifting the collective unconscious outcomes’.


Saturn squares Pluto twice more in February 2010 and August 2010. Both of these dates hold possible outcomes of a highly unpleasant nature in terms of economic systems, possibly the reality that the supposed ‘bail-out’ measures implemented during 2008/9 have not worked and another major crash may completely bankrupt major governments including America. It could then finally be time for a whole new system to be legislated and implemented as “Capitalism” as we have known it must change form…which could have been the goal all along.  This makes sense of the falling US Dollar as Gold and Silver become desirable once more as a return to gold- or silver-backed currency certificates. As the US dollar declines as the global trading currency it also allows the trillions of dollar debt to be re-paid (it will never be fully re-paid) under the value of the original loans. The “Amero” the new North American currency is tipped to come on-line in 2010, which could be yet another reason for the declining dollar. One thing is for sure…the dollar will soon be no more. Meanwhile the Federal Banks on all continents have been making a fortune from the interest charged on the loans they have given their various Governments…what a corrupt system!

I strongly recommend that extreme care is still needed when considering your debt situation. It’s a good idea to avoid new loans as the deeper implications of the global credit crunch are still to come. We have only seen the first phase of the financial meltdown that will lead to the largest re-structuring of economic systems in history. And as a result of the Aquarian planetary story mentioned previously, the ‘interconnectedness’ factor uniting all of humanity globally for the first time ensures us that ripple effects from Dubai and other major debtors going belly up will affect us all in every developed nation. Meanwhile the 3rd world starves, wars rage, each country is still thinking selfishly rather than collectively, and the Wall Street boys are still having a field day. But not for much longer. So reduce your debt my friends, and start applying new strategies to how you live in our material world. After the unrestrained consumption we have been programmed to believe would last forever, it is time to ‘un-program’  buy it on the ‘never never’ spending habits, and learn to do with less and make what you do have work better for you. Remember positivity is a powerful energy freely available once you see the situation as it really is and release you fear.


Jupiter Joins Uranus in Aries – a complete new beginning

Uranus in Aries

Next comes Mr Revolution himself Uranus as he enters Aries from June 2010 till 2017 for his 7 year stint in the sign of new beginnings. His last jaunt through Aries was from 1927 until 1934, once again during the depression era and the gathering of the Fascist forces in Europe and the Pacific who would unleash WWII. This was also the era when Lindberg opened the Atlantic by air for future international expansion.  

As Uranus enters Aries he is joined by expansionary Jupiter also commencing a new 12 year cycle in Aries. So we can expect all sorts of big new developments of a highly ‘unexpected’ nature to blast onto the scene from June 2010. In fact we could say that this will mark the true ‘new beginning’ of the systems that will begin to redesign our geo-political and corporate governance, as Uranus brings his "wildcard" feature with "out of the blue" spontaneous world events.

Uranus is responsible for the ‘higher mind’ both personally and collectively through which we bring in inventions and ideas, by tuning into the invisible frequencies of the mysterious magnetic forces that inspire progress in our evolutionary journey. We are all beginning to ‘pick up’ new thought-waves, meet people who bring innovative ideas, and intuitively are opening to this force field of massive change. So many people have had an extremely difficult time recently dealing with illness, anxiety, mood swings, and fear programs that are still lodged in our unconscious. So we must give ourselves permission to invite positive change and growth into our lives, as we also manage these disruptive energies through conscious relaxation. Letting go of concepts and physical situations that don’t work anymore is obviously the call here.

This allows you to choose to participate willingly, responsibly, in your own consciousness evolution and act upon your inner or higher guidance. Will you raise your consciousness "station of identity" to levels of intelligence above the 3D collective hologram? You do not need to know exactly how, you just need to sincerely participate in your own evolution, act upon that guidance and commit to your God Source connection for inspiration and support. Unwavering and fearless, choose to embody the eternal nature of your being… Love.



Saturn in Libra completes Oppositions to Uranus in Aries 


The 46 year Saturn Uranus cycle  

This cycle also offers strategic dates when society is zapped with the thunderbolts that bring sudden and disruptive revolution and change. Scientific humanitarian Uranus re-vitalises the structural systems of Saturn as they have outlived their usefulness, and usually causes lots of trouble as the Zeitgeist is shaken with radical departures from old ways. Their new cycle conjunction dates are 1989 when they met in Capricorn and Berlin Wall came down, 1942 when they met in Gemini and the USA joined WWII and the fight against the then global terror of German/Japanese Fascism. This cycle also birthed massive technology developments – sonar, radar, rockets etc. Uranus accelerates both old system breakdown and new system creation.


Saturn opposition Uranus               Saturn was opposing Uranus in the mid 1960s and brought revolution in many areas of society. We have already experienced 4 of these oppositions in Virgo and Pisces since November 4th 2008 – the day President Obama was elected. The last of 5 of these oppositions is July 27th 2010 but occurs with Saturn in Libra opposite Uranus in Aries. So the symbolic ‘new’ as represented by Barak Obama has emerged to re-vitalise Virgo systems and by July we’ll see how the urge for enlightened change will express itself into the Cardinal World.  For the in depth article on Saturn opposite Uranus go to www.universalastrology.com.au



Uranus in Aries - begins aspects with Pluto in Capricorn 2011 


The 140 year Uranus Pluto Cycle                

Uranus square Pluto                                    And here we have a ‘not only but also’ moment, as this 84 year new beginning is further enhanced and empowered by Uranus in Aries squaring Pluto in Capricorn from 2012 through 2014. These two lads were part of the same ‘threesome’ at work between 1930 and 1934. The energetic synthesis of Saturn (structure and governance) Uranus (change and revolution) and Pluto (power and transformation) all in Cardinal signs holds the reality that new systems are on the way. This is not easy energy. It demands release of old outmoded systems and the implementation of new ones. There will be new ‘dictators’ and a new world order, as the world must unite in the common goal of climate change management.
Uranus will square Pluto June and September 2012, May 2013 and April 2014. More on this in next year’s report.


So now you have met the 3 ‘big gun’ players and their cycles to each other, here is a picture of the “Cardinal Climax” as they all form hard aspects to each other over the next 4 years. They have not done this is Cardinal Signs since 1930-1934.



Personally this combination of revolution (Uranus), restructure (Saturn) and transformation (Pluto) will keep us very much on our toes!  We need to be incredibly adaptable, think outside our old boxes and be open to circumstances changing at a moment’s notice. Be committed to your goals but not attached to them. Be open to the ‘flow’ that brings the right people and opportunities your way without openly controlling anything or anyone. Yes it is time for the beginning of the evolutionary leap that will take us from fear to freedom.



Planet Retrograde Phases and Eclipses for 2010

Retrograde is the term applied to the ‘apparent’ backward movement of planets in our solar system as we pass planets beyond Earth’s orbit moving more slowly than us, and are passed by the inner planets who move more quickly. The planets themselves do not go backwards, but simply appear to. However, the implications of these retro phases for each planet (all planets except the Sun and Moon) each year are very important, as the movement forward, then backward, then forward again over any degree of the Zodiac focalises that area, giving rise to the true nature of growth and development as a two steps forward, one step backward principle. Retro phases allow us to work on the territory once it has been opened to enable internal synthesis and organisation before outcomes can manifest.


Mercury retrograde                          - happens 3 times each year as he is so close to the Sun from Earth’s perspective. During his retro phase we can practice all the re words; re-organise, re-structure, re-plenish, re-align, re-program all features of a Mercurial nature…namely our mind, mouth, communication, networking, technical and movement based areas. Typically it is suggested not to commit to signing contracts as things may either fall over, or have to be done again once Mercury is direct once more. Back up your computer, try and avoid travel commitments and generally a good time to set things up for future developments. Mercury’s three retrograde phases each year are in the same element, and this year it is in Earth signs, Capricorn, Taurus and Virgo as the year goes by. This further enforces the strong theme of structural material world matters discussed in the article thus far.


1st Retro                                              December 27th 2009 at 21 degrees Capricorn – goes back to 5 degrees Capricorn and stations direct on 14th January, but even though he is direct from this date don’t expect things to progress too far until he reaches 21 degrees Capricorn again on 4th February. Deal with business administration and complete old areas as you plan new ones.


2nd Retro                                             April 18th 2010 at 12 degrees Taurus – goes back to 2 degrees Taurus and stations direct on 11th May – passes 12 degrees Taurus and is free to move into new territory on 29th May. This phase is about values and money, so dealing with investments and setting up new financial structures, as you clear and resolve the old yet again.


3rd Retro                                              August at 20th 19 degrees Virgo – goes back to 5 degrees Virgo and stations direct on 11th September – passes 19 degrees Virgo on 27th September. Virgo is the sign of organisation of systems in both our bodies and our outer world. Go to the accountant and the naturopath and let go of fear based worry.


Venus Retrograde                            - once each year and begins 8th October at 13 degrees Scorpio – goes back to 27 degrees of Libra and stations direct on 17th November – passes 13 degrees Scorpio on 21st December. Venus regulates our values, resources and money on one level and our attracting relating outcomes on the other. Retrograde in Scorpio we  will be dealing with who and how we share resources, with a caution that this is a great research phase before committing to contractual financial arrangements. In terms of our internal emotional power we can review our fears regarding intimacy and deeper levels of trust and love.


Mars Retrograde                              - once every 2 Years and begins 20th December 2009 at 19 degrees Leo – goes back to zero degrees Leo and stations direct on March 10th.  As he does not move past 19 degrees Leo until May 16th the complete window lasts for 5 months. As this is such a long period whichever sign he does his retro thing in, is highly focalised in our personal and collective lives. Mars regulates our ‘free will’, yang energy systems and emotionally our ability to assert ourselves toward our goals and to commence new activity. In the sign of Leo our will energy must be directed in a highly motivated and individual sense, and as the sign of ‘the leader’ our own leading qualities must come to the fore, and we will also see great focus on world leaders and their particular brand of narcissism.


While he is retrograde avoid being swept up in other people’s dramas and be prepared for some frustration in forward motion. So chill out and work toward your plans for forward momentum after mid year when Mars is at full speed again and completes his 5 months in Leo. This is also when Jupiter and Uranus join at zero degrees Aries, and everything takes off with a bang… maybe literally in terms of global action. On the global stage this will be a tense period with possible violent reactions from those who consider themselves repressed or powerless. We are already seeing angry reactions from the poorer countries at Copenhagen, and until late March collective tensions will galvanise the general public in greater measure than ever before. This is the upside of Mars retrograde. Personally do some self therapy on your confidence and passion issues to allow release of old patterns that are blocking your belief that you have the ‘right to have clear and exciting direction of your will with power, passion, excitement, joy and love’.         

Jupiter Retrograde                          - happens once a year and begins 23rd July at 3 degrees Aries – goes back into Pisces to 23 degrees and stations direct on 13th November 2010. He enters Aries again on 23rd January 2011. Jupiter regulates expansionary phases and is associated with foreign travel, publishing, teaching, and our belief systems about finding life meaningful. He usually moves through 1 sign each year (12 year cycle) but during 2010 he is at a faster rate than usual so enters Pisces 20th January then speeds through Pisces and enters Aries on 7th June.


So until June his influence in Pisces is to develop our psychic intuitive and spiritual energy and inclines us to be incubating and preparing for the new opening from June. Once in Aries it’s all systems go to initiate beginnings in your life that will bear fruit in 9 years time! Be careful to avoid impulsive action and to take on too much or too many projects, as his energy burns out very easily if not supported by careful conscious development…with a result of egg on your face if you have promised more than you can deliver. While he is retrograde don’t expect forward expansion so continue to develop projects and personally do some self therapy on your belief about your ‘right to expand and grow safely with clear purpose and intention’.


Saturn Retrograde                           - happens once a year and begins 13th January at 4 degrees Libra – goes back into Virgo and stations direct at 27 degrees Virgo on 30th May. He then enters Libra again on 22nd July 2010. Saturn builds, organises, give structure, sets goals and seeks to stabilise on the positive side, and downside Saturn resists, controls, limits, creates fear and is where we do our growing in life through difficult and limiting karmic circumstances.

While he is retrograde beware being caught in the negative features as you work solidly toward the positive features as listed. As he retrogrades back into Virgo make sure you complete all systems planning and organisation, as this is your last chance after this last 2 years to set up these boring but necessary matters to enable the next part of your growth once he moves into Libra after July 22nd until 2012. See the Saturn in Libra article for a detailed analysis at www.universalastrology.com.au/articles


Chiron retrograde                            - once a year and begins 5th June 2010 at Zero degrees Pisces – goes back into Aquarius and stations direct at 26 degrees on 6th November 2010. Chiron is the wounding/healing component of our process, so in Aquarius for the past 5 years we have experienced our personal and collective wound regarding ‘separation’ and lack of inclusiveness. So the mid 2010 retrograde phase is time to heal and ‘bring together’ our group consciousness and step up our Spiritual evolution. As Chiron enters Pisces in April briefly he hints at his next 7 year phase of healing the wound of the Spiritual Crisis in Humanity between 2011 and 2018.


Uranus retrograde                           - once a year and begins 29th May at 0 degrees Aries – goes back into Pisces and stations direct on 26 degrees Pisces on 6th December 2010. His process is change, invention, liberation and freedom from the past. As the 2010 retrograde phase is back into Pisces we can have a final blast in the process of opening our nature to the freedom available via correct alignment with our spirituality beyond religion. Remember when a planet passes through a sign…in this case 7 years in Pisces just completing since 2003…it opens a new dynamic on human evolution, and it then takes time for this to emerge full blown.


Neptune Retrograde                                    - once a year and begins 31st May at 28 degrees Aquarius – goes back to 26 degrees Aquarius and stations direct on 7th November 2010. His process is sensitizing, spiritualising and inspiration, and he regulates the personal and collective field of experience. He ahs been in Aquarius since 1998 and enters the next sign Pisces in April 2011. While in Aquarius he has been dancing with Uranus in Pisces in what is known as a “Mutual Reception” as they occupy the signs ruled by each other. So in terms of his long term impact (only in any sign once every 164 years) we have the other ingredient hard at work over the early 2000’s bring together the whole of humanity for the collective shift into Spiritual inclusiveness.


Pluto retrograde                               - once a year and begins 7th April at 5 degrees of Capricorn – goes back to 2 degrees Capricorn and stations direct on 14th September, and passes 5 degrees finally in January 2011. Pluto moves very slowly in his 245 year cycle so when retrograde he pulls us back into our internal process of releasing fear and control through core insecurity issues.

If you have planets at any of the degrees of the Zodiac highlighted for each planet retrograde then these areas of your life will be highly focalised by the relevant planet.



We experience 2 sets of eclipses each year. A Lunar eclipse occurs when the earth blocks the Sun’s light at full moon, and a Solar eclipse occurs when the Moon blocks the Sun’s light at new moon, thus they happen 2 weeks apart every 6 months.

January 1st                                                 This Lunar eclipse falls at                 10 degrees Cancer 
January 15th                                        This Solar eclipse falls at                  25 degrees Capricorn.
June 26th                                             This Lunar eclipse falls at                  4 degrees Capricorn
July 11th                                               This Solar eclipse falls at                   19 degrees Cancer

If these points are significant in your chart, expect changes in that area of your life.


2010 Numerology and Chinese Year of the Tiger

2008 = 1 new beginning
2009 = 2 alignment of value systems and material outcomes
2010 = 3 addition of ideas and information to take the cycle forward. So this is a Gemini type year with learning, networking, teaching and communication the central theme.

To find your personal year add your date and month of birth to 2010.

February 14th is the Chinese New Year with the first new moon in Aquarius. The year of the Tiger offers strength, fortitude, and bravery.


So there is a pretty comprehensive rundown of the planets at work over the next year and they are not for the faint-hearted dear reader. But the general message ringing loud and clear is change and freedom from past restrictions once you recognise and own them. Remember…we are all in charge of our own little piece of the Universe so the thoughts that create your reality will never be more powerful than from this time onward. If you are ready to jump on the train of change and innovation then your creation can be dynamic, exciting and filled with inspiration. You can participate consciously in the process of change both inside and outside your life. We have two choices: surrender to the fear or transcend it. I’m going for the second option…how about you!

May you thrive in these world changing times!!
Maggie Kerr     December 20th 2009



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The Fixed Signs are Taurus opposite Scorpio + Leo opposite Aquarius – these signs develop and hold things together. The Mutable Signs are Gemini opposite Sagittarius + Virgo opposite Pisces – these signs gather, organise and share ideas and information.


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