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The next 12 System Seminar


Fri night 15. & Saturday 16. April - Gold Coast Click here for details






I am not teaching groups this year due to seminar commitments.


However, you may purchase my 5 workbooks and CD sets (72 total) to begin your studies and then book individual tutoring sessions with me!! 

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Please ring Maggie on 07 55 94 5959 - or email – to discuss or to buy the Astrology books




The Universal Astrology Workbooks + 72 CDs with Alan Oken-

A complete Course in Astrology ...

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Maggie’s new book The 12 System - How to Re-align your Consciousness to Re-define your Life” explores our current point in human and planetary evolution & explains how to become part of “The Shift”- co-authored with Mary-Lou Kelly.


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