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Pluto in Capricorn - 2008 until 2024 by Maggie Kerr A.A.T.


On both a personal and collective level Pluto represents the following:

“All things hidden and secretive in a society - the shadow of the collective - sewerage workers and archeologists, to the more sinister level of the secret police, organised crime, all self destructive urges and impulses - the principle of death and rebirth and the healing principle which forces the collective, as an organic whole, to experience violent phases of self healing, in order to become well again.”

Pluto contains both the positive and negative aspect of the principle of re-ordering and rebirth inherent in all seeds.  Pluto by transit brings up the hurt, repressed, denied aspects of the sign and offers us an opportunity to renew these qualities.  As Pluto regulates the cycles of nature in all senses, his presence by transit brings us into accord that all things have their seasons…everything must live and die so it may be born again.  Under his influence we are meant to release things and allow them to die so we can invite the next cycle of birth into our lives. 


The Pluto Cycle and some historical correlations…
The 248 year Pluto cycle offers us the slowest of the larger rhythms (the others being Uranus and Neptune) that regulate human society and the evolution of earth and the biosphere.  This current cycle commenced as he entered Aries in April 1822; a time marking the end of an epoch as Napoleon was dismissed and the world awaited the Victorian era and the birth of a new archetype; global expansionism and industrialisation.  As he entered Cancer and formed the waxing developmental square (quarter cycle) in 1912 the world was at the threshold of the WWI, which saw the outcome of a “new Europe” where Communism became a dominant force and by the late 1920’s as Uranus entered Aries for his new 84 year cycle, the rise of the “dictators” with the outcome of WWII as Pluto then moved on into Leo. 


The opposition or half way point came in 1971 as he entered Libra.  Big business took off with a bang and corporate culture led industrialization toward its’ current zenith. It was also during the ‘70s that we were first warned of global warming, and the healing movement led by the 60s “hippies” began to offer alternative ideas for a safer more spiritual humanity.  As with all Plutonian phases it often takes quite some time for the larger issues to be revealed and acted upon.  So now as Pluto reaches his waning square in his cycle to himself we enter a 16 year period as he commences his journey through Capricorn from January 2008 until 2024. He returns to Aries next in 2066.  The waning square offers the “crisis of re-orientation” where the results (Capricorn) of the cycle are ready to bear fruit, at the same time as the cycle begins its descent toward completion. I hope that by seeing the dates involved here you gain a sense of the larger scope involved in the Pluto cycle!


As always I find a little trip back through history most instructive when attempting to define the possible implications of a new phase to come:

Pluto was last in Capricorn from 1762 to 1778; a remarkable period during which a brave new world opened with the hallmark of exploration and innovation.  This came after Pluto’s journey through the preceding sign of Sagittarius from 1748 to 1762.  The great ‘process of upheaval’ during this phase saw “enlightenment” in the core philosophies that underpinned society at that time (Sagittarius rules the belief systems that stimulate the collective urge at any time).  Thus during the Capricorn phase of the 1760s and 1770s this “enlightenment” thought spread through the governing institutions, with enormous ramifications both then and in the following decades. The War of Independence by the American Colonies was the highlight of this period. Then from 1777 to 1798 as Pluto moved into the revolutionary sign of Aquarius, the French Revolution spelt the end of the plutocratic systems that had run Europe for 600 years, as the democratic principles from ancient Greek times re-asserted their timely humanistic message. As Aquarius rules all things technical and inventive it is also no surprise that the “Industrial Revolution” also accompanied Pluto’s transit through Aquarius.


It is interesting to note that it took nearly the whole period from when Pluto first entered Capricorn in 1762, then the buildup in 1765 when the British passed the “Stamp Act” to tax American colonies, until the final few years in Capricorn for the War of Independence to become full blown.
1762     Catherine I dies – succeeded by Peter III– succeeded by Catherine II The Great
1765     Bank of Prussia founded by Frederick the Great -Lord Nelson’s boat “Victory” launched
            British pass Stamp Act to tax American colonies
1769     Duke of Wellington born
1766     Mason Dixon line created to separate free from slave regions in U.S.
1767     Andrew Jackson and John Quincy Adams born (future U.S. Presidents)
            Chaos in India – Robert Clive as leaves
1768     James Cook sets sail for 1st circumnavigation
1769     Napoleon born - Construction of first steam road carriage
            First lightening conductors on high buildings
1770     Australia and New Zealand “discovered” and mapped by James Cook
            Boston Massacre – brawl between civilians and troops
            Birth of Beethoven father of the classical era. 
            Handel’s Messiah performed for the first time - First Public Restaurant in Paris
            Industrial Revolution begins
1771     Russian conquest of the Crimea annexed from Poland
            Smeatonian Club for Engineers founded in London - First spinning mill in England
1773     Boston Tea Party - First cast iron bridge in Coalbrookdale - Waltz fashionable in Vienna
1774     Louis XV dies – succeeded by Louis XVII later beheaded in French Revolution
1775     Paul Revere rides – defeat of British – Washington made commander of American forces
            James Watt invents steam engine - John Turner English classical painter born  

Now let’s go back to the previous cycle…briefly…
Pluto was in Capricorn between January 1516 and December 1532.  The previous decade of Pluto in Sagittarius gave rise to the “Reformation” and over the next decade and half the political outcomes of this incredibly important shift challenged the Catholic Church system that had been all powerful up until this time.  England’s Henry VIII divorce of his Spanish Queen Katherine led to the birth of the Church of England and elsewhere in Europe the Protestant factions grew in ascendancy. Henry’s autocratic rulership in this phase is a powerful symbol of Pluto in Capricorn, and set the tone for monarchs all through Europe for the whole of the following cycle.


So what may we expect from his transit through Capricorn for the next 16 years?  I will look at a few ideas point by point. 

1.      The U.S.A.     was “born” in the 1770s and now looks set to go through a re-birth in the 2010s.  The very nature of the ‘machinery’ that has made the U.S.A. the global “superpower” of post WWII times is going to need a radical overhaul in the next decade or two.  And I’m starting here because the old saying that when America gets a cold the rest of us start sneezing still holds true.  It seems that despite the spin doctors and their version of life in the US, it appears that their basic internal social welfare systems have never been in worse shape.  Add to this the nature of collective debt, which sees the average citizen in debt in far greater measure than their pay cheque can cover, and the reality of a global debt recession looms large in the years ahead.  And now let’s top it off by noting that China is the U.S.A’s largest creditor.  America has been broke for quite some time now but nobody ever seems to mention this or consider it a particular problem.  Then we have the “North American currency union -  a controversial proposal in which the three principal countries of North America, namely Canada, the United States and Mexico, would share a common currency. The hypothetical currency for this union is sometimes referred to as the ‘amero’.  It is a concept similar to the common European Union currency, the euro. Conspiracy theorists contend that the governments of the US, Canada, and Mexico are already taking steps to implement such a currency.”       All very interesting – we shall see!

2.      Corporate Governance. As Pluto spends 16 years doing his ‘thing’ the deep transformations due will be a gradual affair, and it is obvious that the upheavals ahead will come primarily through the global issues of energy and resources.  Just how long the “old school” digs their heels in depends on the generation of leaders in power in the individual countries.  As the Pluto in Virgo group come into power they will receive positive aspects from Pluto transiting through Capricorn, so time will bring us more conscious individuals at the helm. It is essential that Companies begin to be held accountable for their environmental impact and by 2012 this will begin to be the case.  As to how the rest of the world brings China into the equation remains to be seen. Forgive me if you have heard me say this before, but the single greatest feature to galvanize our collective humanity toward a common goal is the reality we now all share…keeping our head above water! A more conscious corporate culture is long overdue.  To this end many people who have developed their knowledge and skills will begin to move into mainstream business affairs.  I am one of these people as with my original background in business areas I am now ready to take my 25 years of astrological and metaphysical knowledge toward this end.  My new company “Corporate Consciousness” offers training in many ideas and applications. 


Please contact me for further details.


3.      Responsibility for global resources of all kinds.        In the 1760s the ruling class had complete control over all resources – in the famous words of Marie Antoinette (which she may or may not have said!) when told the people did not have enough wheat to make bread… “Let them eat cake”.  We are once again in an era where the “rich” i.e. global corporations, have complete control over resources. Now since the Jupiter Saturn conjunction in Taurus of May 2000 (beginning of their 20 year cycle) the hallmark of this double decade until 2020 again is …resources.  We will witness diminishing supplies of oil and water during this phase and it will be interesting to see what the people do this time… last time they had a revolution and changed the ruling system irrevocably.     The entire global corporate/consumer industrial complex runs on oil.  And again despite the spin doctors information that we have plenty of time we do not.  Oil reserves will diminish over the next decade and it would appear that oil reserves in the Middle East were a major factor in the U.S. “invasion” of Iraq. Energy alternatives must now be allowed to develop regardless of nuclear and coal based vested interests.


4.      Real Estate, Land Distribution & Management & Earth Changes.    Real Estate This is such a huge subject!  For many people purchasing a home is fast becoming impossibility, so unless western governments provide more public housing this situation may not be likely to change.  A credit debt fueled recession could also cause current prices to drop dramatically, in much the same way as after the 1989 top in the real estate market. Saturn, Uranus and Neptune were all in Capricorn at that time. The 19 year nodal cycle also returns over this next few years…interesting. Land Distribution European governments are leading the world by already providing cash incentives for farmers and land owners to conserve forests and re-plant their lands, so this is a must globally.  As is wealthy nations providing financial support to 3rd world countries so they may halt the destruction of their native habitat. Earth Changes The destructive and regenerative force of Pluto may well be felt in unprecedented measure over the next 16 years.  When Pluto in Capricorn is squared first by Saturn in Libra (2009 to 2010) and then by Uranus in Aries (2012 to 2015) the potential for major upheavals in any of the famous hot spots…West Coast US, Japan, Mediterranean; is most likely.


5.      Monarchy and Royalty.        As the sign par excellence for royals and important people it will be interesting to see just what transpires in the various royal families…both official and unofficial…around the world.  Will Queen Elizabeth II hand over to Charles? With Pluto in Capricorn forming a trine to QEII’s Sun, and Charles’ Moon in 2008/9 something’s got to give… as they say. Charles may turn out to be a very significant figure in global environmental and social affairs over the years ahead.  Will the Rockefellers Rothschilds and others of this ilk become more apparent as the power behind the political thrones? Just how will the influence of the rich and famous be felt in the decades to come?  Rock and Media Stars along with brand name business tycoons can wield enormous influence for good over old limited world views and the people who will cling desperately to power as the Titanic is sinking…I hope! 


6.      The “Underground” Capitalist Culture.           I’ve noticed an interesting timeline with the rise of the illicit narcotics and underworld trade in the past few hundred years.  The British Empire began to grow enormously in power from the 1820s and the industrial era that Pluto in Aries triggered at that time.  Over following decades the Opium Wars in China offered the British a huge earn as they traded tea for opium and the global drug culture was born. As the Americans moved through Italy at the end of WWII certain deals were struck with Mafia families that led to increased activity in organised crime between Europe and the Americas.  And then there is the “Silver Train” affair of the Vietnam Era, as narcotics from the Golden Triangle made their way to America creating an escalation of the general use of narcotics throughout the US, and in turn the world. All of these timings accord with significant Pluto phases. Unofficial income from organised crime (drugs, sex and protection) has become so well laundered in recent decades that it is now a significant component of all major global share markets and funds.  I am both amused and concerned as I ponder the implications of what possible new levels of skullduggery may arise in the near future.  Or could I be a hopeless optimist and imagine that power and greed may begin to be exposed as all sorts of ‘not nice’ destructive people topple from their glass towers? 


A few more thoughts…
This next Pluto in Capricorn phase heralds both the zenith and the co-incidental breakdown of existing structures as a prelude to the next great technological revolution from 2024.  Yes folks if you think technology is already way over your head then you “ain’t seen nothing yet”… as they say. The Uranus in Aquarius kids born between 1995 and 2003 carry the exceptional circuitry hardwired into their potential to innovate in ways unimaginable to us now!  Have faith my friends as the very solutions we need to fix what the modern industrial machine has damaged lie in this pod of Souls who will rise to the occasion.  As to what society may need in the way of revolution, will be the result of the ideals and actions of the new group of leaders about to rise from the ashes of the old forms.

This next 16 years could indeed signal the potential synthesis between Capitalism and Socialism, seemingly opposite in nature but ultimately holding the seeds of a world in which people receive the just dividends of a conscious corporate culture?  If the Kings of Commerce begin to take responsibility for humanistic outcomes then this is the promise of this new Age of Aquarius about to unfold.  Otherwise my call is that Capitalism will invert or implode on itself.  Can the two systems finally begin to converge and lead us forward to a better world where nature is honored as the essence of the wholistic system in which we all abide?




Maggie Kerr is an accredited teacher, and counsellor in Astrology and psychotherapy and has worked for 28 years in the field. She has written the series Universal Astrology, which incorporates 5 Workbooks and is available as a correspondence course. To find out more, click here




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